Photo Gallery – RNRA 2022 Trick-or-Treat Event

We had a beautiful day for "Trick or Treat" activities in Ward Park.  Thank you to everyone who came out on October 15th to celebrate.  We hope you enjoy the photo gallery below.

Thank you to our neighborhood partners: 7-Eleven,  18th District Community Policing,  Cook County Commissioner Bridget Degnen, Chick-fil-A, Gilda's Club Chicago, Kitchen United Mix,  Park Community Church, Sprouts Academy Preschool, Urban River and Walgreens.    Check out the deal for Kitchen United Mix on the My River North mobile app! Download the app FREE from the App Store or Google Play.

Thank you to our RNRA Family Committee - Mary Lassila (Chair), Anna Burdette and Chase Mangioni and to our other RNRA Volunteers who came out to help:  Kim Hendricks, Brian Israel, Jan Kolar,  Carol Mjoseth, Debra Schalk, Kimani Smith.

Interested in joining the Family Committee?    CLICK HERE to apply today!  We'll be planning 2023 soon!  Be part of the fun!

Wim with Bridget
Family at Photo Opp
Pirate Playing Game
Chris and Carol
Family with unknown costumes
Urban Rivers
Sunflower & Bee
Park Community Face Painting
Fireman and Mom
Pirate Playing Game
Princess Debra and Kid playing game
Fireman with Mom & Dad
Baby Mini Mouse
Ghost with Mom & Dad
Debra with Family at Game
Pumpkin with Mom & Dad
Princes playing game
Shark Family
Cowgirl with Mom & Dad
Mom & Monarch
My Little Kitty with Mom & Dad
Little Girl with Mom & Dad
Tiger with Mom and Dad
Boy Pumpkin with Mom and Dad
Chase & Anna at Booth
pumpkin station
Pumpkin playing game
dragon with Mom and Dad
Pumpkin Twins
Taco with Mom & Dad
Monkey with Mom and Dad
Gieraffe with mom and Dad
Ninja and Sister with Mom and Dad
Doctor with Mom
Elephant with Sgt. Stovall
Chic Filet
Dahlia and CPD
Puppy with Dad
Mini Mouse with Mom & Dad
Hulk with Mom & Dad
Two Firefighters
Princess Debra and Kid playing game
Allegator with Mom and Dad
Kitchen Mix
Carol and CPD Friends
Bean Bag Toss
CPD and Puppies
More Facepainting
Batman with Mom and Dad
Fence & Photo Opp with Ghost
Pretty in Pink
Debra with Super Hero
Fireman and Pumpkin at Photo Opp
Girl firefighter playing game
Fuzzy Costume
Baby Pirate with Mom and Dad
Pirate Family
Pink Superhero
Unicorn at Urban Rivers
Black Bear at 711 with Jay
Chase & Anna
Superhero with Dad
Matt and wife
Jan and Kim at Pumpkin Table
Chris and Kim
Twin bunnies and family
Carol and Brian
Chase & The Ghost
Mom with Pumpkin in Buggy
Crowd near playground
Crowd 2
Grand Prize Pumpkin Game
Fence Photo Opp
Brian, Deborah and Kimani
RNRA Booth
Carol, Debra, Mickie