Neighborhood Development & Land Use

Neighborhood development can have both positive and negative implications. Most residents of River North recognize the value of expanding the tax base to pay for city services and of transforming vacant or underutilized properties into more attractive, safer, revenue-generating additions to the neighborhood. They know that business owners require certain levels of pedestrian and vehicular traffic before opening new stores and offices and they recognize that developers have the right to build on the properties they acquired for this purpose, subject to applicable procedures, rules and laws.

A busier skyline, increased congestion and disruption during construction may be some of the unavoidable consequences of creating a desirable community. RNRA believes that developers should look beyond the economic viability of a particular project and endeavor to contribute to the quality of life in the community and the value of local real estate.

Our Development and Land Use Committee performs due diligence for each development proposal that includes assessments of its potential impact on a range of elements, including neighborhood and architectural character, security, green space, traffic, parking, sight lines, the pedestrian experience, pet resources and retail commerce.  Projects should be designed in such a way as to enhance these essential elements. With this goal in mind, the Committee has created River North Building Design Guidelines (linked below).

If development is conducted in this way, we believe that residents will generally be more supportive and that by working together to cultivate River North’s reputation as a vibrant, creative and desirable community, all parties will benefit in the long run.

Project Overviews

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