Association Committees

The River North Residents Association is a volunteer-led nonprofit community organization, working to protect and enhance the quality of life in River North. Committees are comprised of civic-minded local residents and chaired by members of the RNRA board. If you would be willing to invest a few hours of your time to help make a great Chicago neighborhood even better, please contact us about becoming a volunteer.

Commerce Committee

The Commerce Committee exists to promote responsible commerce in River North and to manage, enhance and expand RNRA’s relationship with the local business community.

Development Committee

The RNRA Development Committee exists to ensure that real estate development is planned and executed in a thoughtful manner that enhances the community and considers the interests of all stakeholders.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee exists to create and execute strategies and tactics that promote and raise awareness of RNRA’s brand, programs and capabilities

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee exists to promote RNRA as an essential resource in River North and to enhance and expand the organization’s relationship with the local residential community.

Parks Committee

The Parks Committee exists to enhance and promote the public use of A. Montgomery Ward Park and to advocate for the creation and improvement of public green spaces throughout River North.

Pet Owners Committee

The Pet Owners’ Committee exists to promote responsible pet ownership in River North and to support, engage and expand RNRA’s relationship with the local pet owning community.

Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee exists to improve public safety in River North and encourage constructive engagement between local residents, businesses, public safety officials and other stakeholders.

Parents & Families Committee

The RNRA Family Committee exists to support and engage families with young children and to expand RNRA’s relationship with this segment of the River North community.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the association’s officers and selected committee chairpersons. The committee exercises the power of the Board of Directors between regular meetings of the Board and when timing is critical. It also assists the Board with oversight, special projects and strategic planning.

Specific Volunteer Activities and Skills Needed

  • Plan, conduct, or assist with family events in Ward Park
  • Set up canopy/table for park events
  • Graphic artists to help create print and digital messaging
  • Salespersons to present sponsorship opportunities to local businesses
  • Proofreaders for monthly newsletters and other publications
  • Photographers to capture neighborhood and event images
  • Court advocates to attend hearings involving local crimes
  • Pet owners to help with dog-friendly-area clean-ups
  • Nature lovers to with park and riverfront clean-ups