OEMC Private Camera Initiative

In light of our current challenging environment, RNRA encourages our member buildings to consider installing exterior cameras on their properties. The OEMC Private Sector Camera Initiative  will provide greater safety coverage in our community.

RNRA’s recent Public Safety Survey (still open) currently shows strong support (89.9%) for leveraging Camera Technology.  Additionally, the 2023 18th District Community Strategic Plan which resulted from the Fall 2022 Community Conversations has a goal of encouraging residents to install more private cameras and to have their building’s private cameras link into the OEMC Private Camera Initiative.

With the advent of the 18th District’s Strategic Decision Support Center, officers can quickly access a camera at or near an address where an assault or other incident is occurring. A common misconception is that the OEMC will be able to tap into interior cameras. The exterior cameras are linked through a separate IP address. This prevents the interior camera feed or systems from any unauthorized source. OEMC is only interested in obtaining access to cameras on the public way. To print a copy of the document below, CLICK HERE.