Residential Permit Parking Zone 1189 Changes

Last summer, residents reported that River North bar patrons would illegally park in Residential Permit Parking (RPP) Zone 1189 and host curbside parties after the bars closed. These parties had a negative impact on quality-of-life and often turned violent.

In response to these reports, Alderman Reilly introduced an ordinance (O2023-0004231) at the City Council to make RPP Zone 1189 violations a towable offense.

The Alderman is pleased to announce that he secured approval from the full City Council for this ordinance. The new regulations will take effect on Monday, July 1. 

Additionally, RPP Zone 1189 signs have been installed at the following locations:

• North side of Superior, from Orleans to Hudson
• North side of Illinois, form Orleans to Kingsbury
• Both sides of Huron, from Larrabee to Hudson
• North side of Huron, from Orleans to Hudson
• 668 North Sedgwick – Sedgwick, from Erie to Huron

Residents can check eligibility to purchase RPP Zone 1189 permits/daily passes on the City Clerk’s website. RPP Zone 1189 permits and passes can be purchased online or at City Hall located at 121 N LaSalle Street, Room 107.

Please note, purchasing RPP Zone 1189 permits or daily passes does not excuse residents or guests from paying meter fees during the day (8am-6pm). Meter fees must be paid during the day or the vehicle’s owner is subject to receiving a citation.