New CHI 311 System Launched!

The new, modernized Chicago 311 City Services makes it even easier for residents to access city services with an updated system that’s more accessible, transparent, and user-friendly.

311 City Services is a great tool that allows residents to interact with City departments, and request services. With the new system, in addition to calling 311, residents can request city services and track progress from the beginning to resolution online via the CHI 311 web portal, by downloading the new CHI 311 mobile app, or through multiple media channels and then provide feedback on the service delivery.

The new system will:

• Improve resident experience by making it easier to find information, submit requests and track status of requests.
• Give residents the ability to find information or submit requests through multiple media channels, including City of Chicago’s first ever mobile app.
• Make it easier to identify opportunities for improvement with continuous monitoring and performance measurements.
• Optimize service delivery to decrease time to complete a service request.
• Enable departments to better manage and track their work.
• Enable residents to stay up to date each step of the way and track requests as they move through the process.
• Better allow 311 operators to access the information needed to assist residents.
• Allow callers to avoid waiting on hold by giving them the choice of having a 311 operator call them back in the order they called to assist with city service requests, information inquiries or address concerns.

CHI 311 will completely transform the resident experience for city services. Once a resident submits a request, they can see the estimated completion date and get automatic updates when work is completed.

The new system will improve City departments’ efficiency and streamline the service delivery processes-eliminating paper-based dispatch and scheduling, introducing the ability to close out requests in the field in real-time, and providing customized dashboards to measure performance. This means services will be delivered to residents in a more efficient manner.

With the new CHI 311 mobile app, residents are able to create new service requests; check the status of existing requests and the time it will take to resolve; snap a photo and submit it with a request; map requests to help pinpoint a location; create an account to track service requests and get local, relevant information; provide feedback upon completion of the service request; search and see helpful knowledge articles; and view other service requests in their neighborhood and throughout the city. Residents will benefit from enhanced communication that fits both new and old ways in which residents are able to connect with the City.

The previous 311 system was decades old and focused on phone communication. While this mode of communication will still be fully available, the new system provides options that fit the way that many of our residents communicate today.

Residents who would like to request a city service can download the free CHI 311 mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play, visit to begin to use this new and improved channel for available city services, or call 311.

Source:  Alderman Reilly Report 12/28/18