My River North Support

Thank you for using the My River North Mobile App. As part of our ongoing effort to improve the user experience, this page provides answers to frequently asked questions about the app, along with a simple, secure feedback form.

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Question Answer
Is it compatible with Apple & Android-based devices? Yes, the most recent editions of each.
How do people get the app on a mobile device? It’s free from the App StoreSM or Google PlayTM.
Is information about the app available online? Yes, at
Who can redeem deals? All users, only through the app.
Are user IDs and passwords required? The first time users redeem a deal; they will be prompted to create an account (user name, password and email address).
What if a user forgets his/her ID or password? The app has a built-in reset function.
Does each user have a personal profile? Yes, users have the option to enter profile information such as name, address, demographics, social media links, etc.
Is personal info shared externally without authorization? Never.
What is displayed on each merchant screen? Name, logo, address, image, description, phone, website, map, Yelp & “view deal” button. Reservation links are optional.
Can deals change? Yes, as often as every second business day.
How do users redeem a deal? 1) On “merchant” screen, click “view deal” & show to staff.

2) On “deal” screen, click “redeem”.

3) On “confirmation” screen, click “yes” and enjoy!

How do I make something a “favorite”? By clicking the “star” icon (where available).
How do I view my favorites? Favorite deals in “profile”, all others in “favorites” (main menu).
How should tipping be handled? Gratuities should be based on the undiscounted price.
Must businesses always display a deal? Yes, the types of discounts offered are up to each business.
May users contact participating businesses? Yes, each merchant screen has phone and website links.
Can a business be listed in multiple categories? Yes, they choose one or more when they sign up.
Can a deal be redeemed more than once? In some cases, but the details are up to each business.
What if a business refuses to honor their deal? Advise us via email at
Can users search for a business by name? Yes, by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the “deals” screen.
Can users recommend a business for the app? Absolutely! Email us at
Is the app integrated with social media platforms? Yes, Facebook and Twitter.
Does the app use location sharing & push notifications? Yes, authorized by users after download.
What kind of notices will be pushed? River North news, events, community alerts and app updates.
Can users suggest changes to the app? Definitely, all input is appreciated.
Is there a limit to the number of MRN businesses? No, the more the merrier!
How do users get help? Via email at

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