GOLD COAST INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT: Replacement of Unsightly “Dog House” Covers at Michigan and Oak

Alderman Reilly is extremely pleased to announce that work has commenced on an infrastructure improvement project at the northwest and southeast corners of Michigan and Oak.

In response to the numerous complaints received over the years about the dilapidated condition of the wooden “dog house” covers at the highly traveled intersection of Michigan and Oak, Alderman Reilly worked with the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) to find an innovative and aesthetically pleasing way to cover the inactive pedestrian tunnel entrances.

Alderman Reilly allocated a portion of the Aldermanic Menu funds to remove the wooden “dog house” cover at the northwest corner of Michigan and Oak and to replace it with a slab of concrete. This solution will increase the available sidewalk width for pedestrians and improve the aesthetics at this high visibility corner on the Magnificent Mile.

Additionally, Alderman Hopkins has committed Menu funds to remove the cover at the southeast corner of Oak and Michigan and replace it with a sidewalk slab.

CDOT is beginning work on the installation of concrete covers in the 2nd Ward at the southeast corner of Oak and Michigan, and, upon completion, will move to the northwest corner located in the 42nd Ward. Work is expected to take several weeks.

Source:  Alderman Reilly Reports 10-4-17