CPD Launches Policy Surveys and Focus Groups Seeking Community Engagement

As part of the Department’s latest community engagement effort, the Chicago Police Department (CPD) has launched a series of public surveys on several impartial policing policies, and will begin conducting discussions with community members and individuals with lived experiences to gain feedback on ways to improve or develop policies later this month.

Members of the public have until Oct. 15, 2020 to complete online surveys on the following policy topics:

Part of the review process will involve the creation of community focus groups that will use a web-based communication platform to create a collaborative space for sharing feedback.

Those interested in attending a focus group for one of these specific policies are encouraged to complete the online form, available here. Participants for focus groups will be selected at random and efforts will be made to ensure they accurately reflect the full diversity of the communities and residents our officers are sworn to serve and protect. Individuals selected to attend a focus group will be directly contacted by CPD. The Department will work to accommodate as many requests as possible, but will not be able to offer everyone a spot on a focus group.

To continue establishing trust within the communities they serve, CPD will also periodically post policies for public review and comment. The comment period for most policies will remain open for 15 days from the day it is published. Select policies will have longer comment periods. When the comment period closes, CPD will then review and consider comments received from the public before finalizing the policy and placing the directive in effect.