CPD’s Community Conversation – Community members participate in creating 18th District Community Policing Strategy

On Wednesday, March 13, our 18th District CPD invited the community to a “Community Conversation” giving residents an opportunity to participate in the creation of the 18th District’s Community Policing Strategic Plan.

Members of the RNRA Public Safety Committee attended along with many other community members throughout the 18th District. Everyone in the 18th District was invited to attend the meeting.

The meeting was held at Park Community Church at 1001 N. Crosby.  Led by Commander Dan O’Shea and Sergeant Chris Schenk the environment was one of community and collaboration with encouragement to freely share thoughts and ideas.

Attendees were seated in round table groups.  Officers of the 18th District participated at each table.  A thoughtful sequence of questions helped guide participants through discussions to identify key issues and provide suggestions for possible CPD and community action.  This was the start of the 2019 Community Policing Strategic Plan.  Groups rotated between tables three times to have an opportunity to interact with different officers.  At the end, each table summarized their key points.

Results of the meeting will be summarized and the follow-up meeting will be held on April 3, 2019, and all are invited.   Join CPD in making a difference.  The community’s input and ideas are needed!  For a copy of the flyer, CLICK HERE.