2nd Ward Webinar Series: Motorcycle & Drag Racing Enforcement 

I continue to work closely with law enforcement professionals across the 2nd Ward on a number of public safety and street crime concerns. I regularly discuss patrols and special attentions with area District Commanders, including how I can help provide the tools they need to help monitor and maintain the 2nd Ward neighborhoods.

In addition to the three routine shifts that police patrol for the daytime and nighttime hours, the fourth watch of tactical officers is also available for coverage as needed. Some officers are assigned only to overnight hours in close proximity to entertainment districts, where late-night concerns can be more common. This past weekend saw several incidents which are still under investigation from areas around entertainment districts. Along with my staff, I continue to follow up on these investigations and discuss matters with area business leaders and stakeholders. Detectives are also working with area residents and businesses to gather substantial evidence, such as photos or video, which is essential for any prosecution.

After focusing my first 2nd Ward Safety Webinar on Gold Coast and Near North Safety, this past week featured a second 2nd Ward Safety Webinar on illegal motorcycles, vehicle noise and drag racing. Below is a segment of that online meeting where I discuss a residents concern about late night drag racing and large motorcycle gatherings.

Please click here to watch.

For those who could not attend the 2nd Ward Safety Webinar on illegal motorcycles, vehicle noise and drag racing, please email Ward02@cityofchicago.org for a link to the full recording.