Thank you Officer Cynthia Schumann

... Chicago and eight police detectives and officers for their role in hisOne of Chicago’s finest and great friend to River North, Officer Cynthia Schumann’s final tour of duty will be 15, May 2016.  Dr. Schumann  has been a Chicago Police Officer for twenty-nine years, the 18th District Community Policing Sergeant for more than half of those twenty-nine and have served and helped to protect the citizens of this city for more than half of her life.
Dr. Schumann came to the 18th District at a time of great transition. She is “grateful to have had the opportunity to grow up with the Near North Community and work personally with so many residents on a variety of initiatives. ” In her letter to the community,  she shares our support for the 18th District, the Community Policing Staff, has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for which she couldn’t be more thankful.
In the days ahead, she plans to continue teaching, writing, speaking and collaborating in experiential training opportunities and online educational course development.  She says she has so much more to learn and so much more to share!
We wish you the very best as you start your next chapter.