River North Update: Concrete Cowboy Surrenders Business Licenses

Alderman Reilly Reports

July 7, 2020

Dear Neighbor:

I am happy to report that Concrete Cowboy, located at 646 North Franklin Street, has surrendered their business and liquor licenses and is permanently closed.

Concrete Cowboy opened in 2016 after buying the active liquor and late hour licenses from the former operator. Not long after they opened, my office started receiving regular complaints about Concrete Cowboy causing disturbances and operating as a nightclub.

Complaints focused on increased traffic congestion and honking; motorcycle noise; refuse, vomit and urine on the public way; and patrons fighting and making excessive noise outside. As a resident of this block, I witnessed many such incidents first-hand.

I met with the Liquor Commissioner, the Police Department’s 18th District and the Department of Business Affairs (DBACP) to share video footage provided to my office. The footage was clear evidence of the unacceptable mismanagement of the Concrete Cowboy frontage and the significant safety risks caused by the business.

The City Law Department filed a public nuisance case against Concrete Cowboy, which included 50 charges relating to public nuisance.

On June 30, 2020, the City Hearing Officer overseeing the disciplinary case recommended “License Revocation” as a result of the serious charges.

I am pleased to report that, in response to this action, Concrete Cowboy chose to voluntarily surrender their business licenses, effective July 2, 2020. The Business is now closed and there should be no further activity at that location.

It is also important to note that, because I placed a liquor license moratorium on this block, no new Tavern or Late Hour liquor licenses can be approved at this location.

I am grateful to the Department of Business Affairs, the Chicago Law Department and River North neighbors for their efforts that resulted in shutting down Concrete Cowboy.


Brendan Reilly
President Pro Tempore
Alderman, 42nd Ward