River North Lighting Program

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) will be installing new light poles in the River North neighborhood in the coming weeks. The lighting improvements are occurring within the area bounded by Chicago Avenue, Orleans Street, Larrabee Street, and Ontario Street.
This work will include infrastructure trenching and helix foundation and pole installation. Please note: This work will disrupt planter beds within the parkway.
CDOT will begin working on Hubson, between Chicago and Erie next week. After that, CDOT will move to the following streets:
  • Huron, from Kingsbury to Sedgwick
  • Kingsbury, Ontario to Chicago
  • Huron from Larrabee to Kingsbury
  • Superior from Larrabee to Kingsbury
  • Erie from Larrabee to Kingsbury
Please contact CDOT if your building has plantings, irrigation systems, or electrical components in a planter. You will need to remove anything you do not want damaged by the light pole installation.
If you have any questions please contact Christopher Quinlan, General Foreman of the project, at Christopher.Quinlan@cityofchicago.org.