New Strategic Decision Support Center to be Installed in the 18th (Near North) Police District

The 18th Police District will soon be equipped with a Strategic Decision Support Center (SDSC), a technology-driven “nerve center” that analyzes existing data sources collected by the Chicago Police Department, such as past crime data and offender criminal history databases, to determine where to deploy officers and resources.

The new SDSC places all this information into a single, usable, platform to help district command staff and officers  plan for patrol deployments or prepare to respond to a call for service. These Centers have helped CPD reduce shootings and crime in other police districts throughout the City.

In conjunction with the 18th District’s new SDSC, high-definition security cameras have been installed at the following Red Line Stations as part of CTA’s Safe & Secure program:

• Clark and Division
• Chicago and State
• Grand and State

Once established, the SDSC will monitor the CTA’s Red Line Cameras 24/7, allowing CPD to track offenders, flash mobs, and identify individuals with active warrants.

A Strategic Decision Support Center was installed in the 12th (Near West) District earlier this year, along with POD crime cameras to support police in preventing, combating and responding to violent crime. The implementation of these predictive technology and analytical tools builds upon CPD’s crime strategy of targeted, data-driven enforcement to build a culture of accountability among offenders.

Please stay tuned to Reilly Reports for future updates regarding the 18th District SDSC.

Source:  Alderman Reilly Reports 7/6/18