New Illinois Law for Disabled Parking Placard Usage

A new Illinois law narrowing the use of disability parking placards went into effect Wednesday, January 1st. The law allows free metered parking only for drivers who receive placards based on their doctor’s attesting that they meet certain criteria as defined in the law.As of January 16th, the City of Chicago is now issuing tickets to motorists in violation of this new law.

The new Secretary of State-issued yellow and gray placards will allow qualified drivers to park for free at a meter. Blue placards will still be issued and will entitle people to park in parking lots, but they will not be permitted to park for free in metered spots.


To qualify for a new yellow and gray placard, drivers must have their doctor attest that they cannot do one of the following:

  • Feed parking meters “due      to the lack of fine motor control of both hands.”
  • Feed meters because they      need to use a wheelchair.
  • Reach above their heads      “to a height of 42 inches above the ground.”
  • Walk more than 20 feet due      to an orthopedic, neurological, cardiovascular or lung condition.

Anyone ticketed for violating the new law in the Central Business District (CBD) will receive a $65 fine. Violations in areas outside the CBD will be $50.To learn more about changes to the Persons with Disabilities Parking Program, please click here or visit the FAQ page.