New 42nd Ward Development Proposal – 50 East Huron Street  

The Restorative Care Institute (“RCI”) plans to develop a Class A, post-acute rehabilitation center with advanced infection controls at 50 East Huron (previously occupied by the American Library Association “ALA”).

The existing ALA building is a vacant, five-story, brick structure fronting Huron Street. Surrounded by retail, hospitals, surgical centers and a large, residential high-rise population, the site is well-located to capture the demand of this programming, unique to Chicago.

The proposal involves deconstruction of the existing building: re-use of the structural steel, a three-story addition and re-cladding in glass and white steel with some exterior expression of the bracing.

Although doctors and nurses will be on-site, this is not a hospital. RCI is a class A, rehab and recovery center with advanced infection controls to protect post-surgical patients during recovery. The building’s environmental systems will include the highest infection prevention standards, unlike anything in Chicago: negative pressure rooms, HEPA filtration, ultraviolet germicidal particle elimination, voice-activated elevators, state-of-the-art safety systems and staffing protocols designed around healthcare related infection prevention throughout the entire interior.

Furthermore, patients arrive and depart via pedestrian vehicles, not in ambulances. The building will contain indoor parking located in the basement (below-grade) for staff and some visitor parking. All loading will occur off-street in the existing alley.

The project development team will be required to present their plans for approval to the Chicago Plan Commission, Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards and City Council to gain approval for this proposed amendment to Residential Business Planned Development No. 173. The use and required FAR are already in place; the sole purpose of the amendment is to clarify the language in the use provision statement to include the words “skilled nursing” as “medical use” is already included. RCI hopes to open by August 2022, with a project schedule of approximately 12 months.

As part of Alderman Reilly’s transparent community process for new developments, your comments and observations are welcome for this project. Please forward any feedback to

Source:  Alderman Reilly Reports 8/28/2020