Neighborhood Notice: Parking Restrictions on Thursday 10-26

Source:  Brian Hopkins 2nd Ward Alderman
Open 4 Business Productions will be filming for NBC’s “Chicago Fire” in the neighborhood on Thursday, October 26th. In order to park necessary vehicles and equipment for filming, streets will be posted with NO PARKING/TOW ZONE signs at the following times:

Thursday, October 26th from 3am to 8pm

  • East side of LaSalle between Chicago and Chestnut
  • West side of LaSalle between Chicago to 826 N LaSalle
  • Both sides of Chicago between LaSalle and Clark
  • Both sides of Clark between Delaware and Superior
  • Both sides of Chestnut between Clark and LaSalle
  • East side of Clark between Chicago and Superior

Intermittent Traffic Control will take place from 9:30am to 10:30am on LaSalle between Superior and Chestnut, and from 9:30am to 10:30am on Chicago between Wells and Clark.

The crews will be working with the Chicago Film Office and the Chicago Police Department to ensure a safe and positive filming experience.

If you have any additional question please email, or call the 2nd Ward Service Office at (312) 643-2299.