Kingsbury Street Resurfacing Project Completed

Alderman Brendan Reilly has announced the completion of a resurfacing project on Kingsbury Street.  The Alderman initiated this significant infrastructure improvement in the River North area and allocated funds from his Aldermanic Menu to resurface the street between West Ohio Street and West Grand Avenue.  This project was finished November 13, 2013.The project required the removal of the old, deteriorated asphalt on the affected portion of street. Following the removal of the old asphalt, the Chicago Department of Transportation made the necessary structural adjustments to the numerous manholes, catch basins and curb side drains that are located along the street to ensure they were in alignment with the new layer of asphalt.

According to the Chicago History Museum, Kingsbury Street is named after E.S. Kingsbury, a landowner and subdivider of early Chicago.