Dog Friendly Areas (DFAs) Permit and Tag $5

Dog friendly areas are designated sections within Chicago parks or beaches, where dogs are allowed to run and play off -leash, the only areas in the city where this is allowed.  Until the creation of these areas, dogs were only allowed in the city’s parks on a leash. Many of these sites provide features such as doggie drinking fountains, separate areas for shy dogs, dog owner bulletin boards, trash receptacles and extra doggie bags.

The owner or other responsible person bringing any dog into a dog friendly area must have a permit and tag issued by a participating Veterinarian for each dog. Please be responsible when using these areas by following the policies and procedures for Chicago Park District Dog Friendly Areas.
We hope your dog enjoys running, playing and socializing with other dogs in a Chicago Park District dog friendly area. Remember to be safe, obey the rules, and respect the park and others.

For further information on dog friendly areas:

Where can I get a permit and tag? Permits and tags are available at participating Chicagoland veterinary offices. If you are an out-of-state resident you have the option of contacting a participating veterinary office.   Most of the Chicagoland veterinarians will assist those whose own vets are not participating.  You should call them first to confirm that they will assist you, what paperwork is necessary to obtain the permit and tag, and to determine how much they charge for an office visit. You can also have your own veterinarian purchase the tag on your behalf from the Chicago Park District. They can contact us at 312-742-4687.  View the list of participating Chicagoland veterinary offices.