Community Update: Preparations for Weekend Protest Activity -Alderman Brian Hopkins

8/26/2020 Alderman Brian Hopkins

Dear Neighbors,

The Chicago Police Department continues to follow reports of potential protest activity on the Magnificent Mile for this Saturday afternoon and evening, August 29th. While these details are not specific, the city continues to plan accordingly to prepare for any contingency. The Chicago Police Department will maintain a safety perimeter to protect local businesses and residential buildings if illegal activity occurs.

If needed, Chicago Police Department Tactical Teams, Critical Incident Response Teams, and Community Safety Teams will be immediately deployed to guard against any potential looting in the area. Additional resources will be available from the Illinois State Police, Cook County Sheriff’s Department and the Federal Government.

The Chicago Police Department continues to utilize its new 20-person social media team to review online information relating to groups of people trying to plan any criminal acts.

At this time, there are not any calls for businesses to close early or for any impactful downtown restrictions. Retailers are encouraged to sign up for emergency alerts by texting CHIBIZ to 67283 to receive targeted zip code alerts if restrictions are put in place.

Residents should carry a photo ID at all times. Property managers in the area are asked to remind the door staff to call 911 immediately to report unusual events. All properties with cameras should set them for high-definition to gather evidence of illegal activities. It’s also essential that someone on staff has password access to the security cameras.

The Chicago Police Department assures my office that each block will remain under close watch. Additional city resources, including large city vehicles, will be mobilized to block or disable cars and trucks if necessary.  New barriers, bollards and concrete structures have been placed to limit movement and maintain traffic patterns.

In partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Chicago Police Department has formed a special task force to specifically manage looting cases to ensure that those who loot are held accountable. This task force reviews previously obtained video footage and other evidence to identify perpetrators and develop strong criminal cases against them. While some charges are for felony burglary or looting, other charges of mob action may be applicable. The FBI is also investigating individuals involved in promoting looting efforts online, even tracking online activity back to original perpetrators who encouraged illegal activity that led to some of the recent lootings.

For additional information, please contact:

CAPS contact info:

• 18th District CAPS office 312-742-5778
• 1st District CAPS office 312-745-4381

Contact for any video or other items for Looting Task Force:

• Phone number (312) 744-8263


Alderman Brian Hopkins
2nd Ward