Community Alert Form Alderman Brian Hopkins – Ward 02: Large Gatherings of Vehicles & Downtown Traffic Concerns

September 17, 2021

Dear Neighbors,

Throughout the day I have been discussing last night’s surge of car caravans with local police commanders and Superintendent David Brown. The 2nd Ward office has received a large number of concerns about the lack of police control over the roadways last night.

The danger of roadways being closed by celebratory traffic, and the impact that has for emergency vehicles, cannot be overstated. It was very difficult for police and emergency resources to move throughout the city last night. Due to major roadways an intersections being blocked, many emergency vehicles were not able to travel through neighborhood zones. This unplanned and unpermitted activity endangers residents experiencing health or safety emergencies.

I ask the greater Chicago community to refrain from joining any large car caravans in the downtown area and along major roadways this evening and this weekend. Please celebrate responsibly, and with respect for your fellow Chicago neighbors.

I will continue to share concerns, reports, and video submitted by 2nd Ward residents with the police command structure as they work to coordinate a city-wide crime and safety strategy, and will remain an advocate for consistent and adequate police coverage in our 2nd Ward neighborhoods.

Alderman Brian Hopkins
2nd Ward