Chicago Fire Department Memorial Dedication-Dec. 9th

firetruckOn Monday, December 9th, the Chicago Fire Department is dedicating a memorial for the 21 firefighters from Engine 42, Truck3 and Squad 1, who have died in the line of duty between the years of 1857 and 1981. To this time, there has been no local recognition or acknowledgement for the sacrifices these firefighters have made.  The Chicago Fire Department is inviting those who have developed valuable partnerships with them. Surviving family members are also invited as we pay proper respect and convey to them that after all these years, their loss has never been forgotten. There will be a brief presentation and refreshments will be served, followed by an open house at Engine 42.

Engine 42, Truck 3 and Squad 1 Memorial Monument Dedication

Monday, December 9, 2013

10:00 a.m.

Engine 42, located at 55 W. Illinois Street

Chicago, IL 60610