The Chicago Help Initiative Help Feed the Homeless – Volunteer to Make Bag Lunches

Making and delivering bag meals with The Chicago Help Initiative:

We all can help each other by working together to fill needs during this pandemic. CHI coordinates volunteers delivering thousands of bag meals each week to sites in different parts of the city. You can make lunches, help deliver them, or do both!

What’s in a bag meal?
The basics are a sandwich, drink (water or juice), snack (chips, granola, etc….) and a fruit. However, don’t be afraid to do more or get fancy!

Where and when to deliver? 
721 N LaSalle, 9:30 am to 10:30 am Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

What if we can’t deliver those times? 
No problem – let us know where you are and we can find either a volunteer to pick up from you, or a nearby location to drop at a better time.

Who do I contact to get started?
First,  contact Let us know you’re getting involved, and what days work for you.

• We’ll need your email to keep you informed.


• If you are a driver, picking up from others or delivering direct, we’ll also need your phone number.


• If you want to team up with folks around you we’ll need to know your neighborhood or suburb!


• If there is ever an issue (the site is closed, flat tire, etc….) call 312-914-2138. You’ll probably need to leave a message, but we’ll get back to you promptly.