Census 2020 Deadline Extended through October  

Information from the census shapes our communities and influences our city’s voice in Congress. The census tells us who we are as a nation and what we need. Data collection has been extended through October to ensure a complete count. 

The data are used to determine what resources our communities need. Funds are provided to state and local governments who then use that money to fund crucial programs and infrastructure like healthcare, housing, education, and transportation.

An accurate census ensures equal political representation and fair allocation of government resources. Census data are used to determine how many seats each state gets in the House of Representatives, and to redraw the boundaries of congressional and state legislative districts. Census data are also used at the local level: the City of Chicago relies on population counts to make important decisions about local policies and funding. 

Participation in the census is the right and responsibility of every Chicago resident. As of today, only 57.7% of 42nd Ward residents have completed the Census – well below the City’s target of 75% participation.

 How Can You Help? 

Please complete your Census and remind your neighbors – residents can complete the survey online, via telephone, or via mail.

Census enumerators are currently visiting residential buildings to contact residents who have not yet filled out the Census via the above methods. We kindly ask that property managers consider ways that your building can assist Census enumerators to complete their important work of an accurate count – whether it is by providing the enumerator with a list of vacant units, or allowing the enumerator access to a common area in the building to assist residents with completing their Census, or another method to put the enumerator in contact with residents who may need additional help completing the survey.

For additional ways to get involved, please click here. Remember, for every additional person counted in Chicago, we stand to gain approximately $1,400 that could be used towards parks, schools, and infrastructure!