Bridges Closed for Repair Next Week: Chicago Avenue and Kinzie Street 

Chicago Avenue Bridge Closure:
Monday, February 12, 9:30am to 2:30pm
The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) needs to repair a section of roadway grating on the Chicago Avenue Bridge.  This repair work will also help eliminate any noisy metal on metal sounds from the bridge.

The grating repair requires the full closure of the bridge on Monday, February 12, from 9:30am until 2:30pm, weather dependent. The work requires a complete full closure – impacting vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic.

Detour Information for Motorists and Cyclists:

• Those traveling eastbound on Chicago should take Chicago to Halsted, proceed north on Halsted to Division, proceed east on Division to Larrabee, then proceed south Larrabee to Chicago.

• Those traveling westbound on Chicago, should take Chicago to Larrabee, proceed north on Larrabee to Division, proceed west on Division to Halsted, then proceed south on Halsted to Chicago.

CTA Reroute:
Signage will be posted at all affected bus stops, and all service stops will be honored while on the reroute by bus operators.

• Eastbound buses will operate on their regular route to Chicago/Halsted, then proceed north on Halsted to Division, proceed east on Division to Larrabee, south on Larrabee to Chicago, then east on Chicago resuming the regular route.

• Westbound buses will operate the reverse of the route above.

Kinzie Street Bridge Closure:
Tuesday, February 13 to Monday, February 19
The Kinzie Street Bridge over the North Branch of the Chicago River must be closed, and the single leaf bridge raised, to allow CDOT to perform needed repairs and help eliminate noisy metal on metal sounds from the bridge.

Due to the current weather forecast, and projected snowfall for the remainder of the week, the Kinzie Street Bridge closure has been postponed to Tuesday, February 13, starting at 2:00am.  The bridge will reopen to traffic on Monday, February 19, 5:00am.

Detour Information for motorists:

• Motorists traveling east on Kinzie should take Desplaines south to Lake, proceed east on Lake to Wacker, east on Wacker to LaSalle, and then take LaSalle north to Kinzie.
• Motorists traveling west on Kinzie should take LaSalle south to Wacker, proceed west on Wacker to Lake, west on Lake to Desplaines, and then take Desplaines north to Kinzie.

Bicycle Route:
As Kinzie is part of a major bicycle commuting route, a separate detour has been established for bicyclists coming into or leaving downtown via Milwaukee.

• Bicyclists traveling southeast on Milwaukee, east on Hubbard, or east on Kinzie should turn north on Desplaines to travel eastbound using the Grand Avenue Bridge and then back to southbound Kingsbury east of the River.
• Bicyclists heading westbound should travel north on Franklin to westbound Grand and then south on Desplaines west of the River.
Alderman Reilly ReportsL  2/9/18