Alderman Reilly’s Condominium Owners’ Privacy Ordinance Passed

Alderman Reilly is very pleased to report that the Chicago City Council voted on Wednesday to approve his Condominium Owners’ Privacy Ordinance, which was co-sponsored by Alderman Hopkins and Alderman Smith. The ordinance invokes Chicago’s “Home Rule Authority” to overrule Section 19(a)(7) of the Illinois Condominium Property Act, which forces condominium associations to share the personal phone numbers and email addresses of all unit owners upon written request by a unit owner.

Alderman Reilly sponsored the ordinance after receiving correspondence from numerous condominium associations and hundreds of 42nd Ward constituents who expressed concerns about privacy under the new State law.

Alderman Reilly believes that the Illinois State Legislature had good intentions when enacting this section of the Illinois Condominium Property Act, which sought to connect unit owners. Unfortunately, as written, the legislation mandates the release of personal contact information to unit owners, and creates significant privacy concerns.

Alderman Reilly’s ordinance prevents homeowner’s associations from sharing unit owners’ personal cell phone numbers and email addresses unless a 2/3 majority of the association votes to allow for the sharing of that personal information. The Condominium Owner’s Privacy Ordinance will take effect on April 18, 2018.

Illinois State Senator Kwame Raoul has also proposed legislation to amend the Illinois Condominium Property Act (SB0572). Senator Raoul’s amendment eliminates the requirement of condominium associations to share unit owners’ private contact information.Alderman Reilly supports Senator Raoul’s amendment and hopes it will be scheduled for a full vote in the near future.

Alderman Reilly would like to thank residents who contacted our office about this very serious privacy concern.

In win for condo owners worried about privacy, City Council adopts ordinance shielding personal info

Source:  Alderman Reilly Reports 3/30/18