Alderman Reilly Introduces Measure to Protect Condominium Owners’ Privacy

Alderman Reilly recently introduced a new ordinance at the January 17, 2018 City Council meeting that would invoke Chicago’s “Home Rule Authority” to overrule Section 19(a)(7) of the Illinois Condominium Property Act that was recently passed by the Illinois State Legislature.  Alderman Brian Hopkins joined Alderman Reilly as a co-sponsor of the measure.

This section of the Illinois Condominium Property Act raises concerns about privacy because it forces condominium owners to make personal information, such as email addresses and telephone numbers, available upon request.

Since the state law was approved, Aldermen Reilly and Hopkins have received calls and letters from hundreds of condominium owners, asking them to use Chicago’s “Home Rule Authority” to invalidate the new requirements.

Alderman Reilly crafted the ordinance to defer to the wishes of local homeowner’s association.  As drafted, the ordinance would prevent a homeowner’s association from sharing unit owners’ private information, unless a majority of the full association votes to allow for the sharing of that personal information.

Stay tuned  for future updates on this important privacy matter.

Source:  Alderman Reilly Reports 1/26/18