Alderman Brendan Reilly Public Safety Update

Source: Reilly Reports 9/3/2021

Dear neighbors:

On Wednesday, September 2, I joined Steve Bertrand on WGN Radio to discuss the increase in violent crime in the Downtown neighborhoods, and the need for immediate action to curb this behavior. Please click here to listen to the interview.

The recent shooting incidents, fighting and robberies that have occurred this week are extremely concerning; the violence in the Central Business District has gotten out of hand.

On Monday, August 30, I asked Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Superintendent David Brown to take immediate action to increase police patrols in the Downtown neighborhoods, and assign permanent officers to the hospitality corridors to cure the dramatic spike in violent crime. Please click here to read the communication I sent to Mayor Lightfoot and Superintendent Brown.

Additionally, earlier this week I sent a memo to Superintendent Brown as a reminder of my previous requests for increased enforcement at known “drug and gang hotspots” throughout my Ward. State Street north of the Chicago River has been on that list for many years, and it is frustrating that this stretch continues to go unprotected. I have requested an immediate response to provide dedicated foot patrols until the immediate threat of public safety is abated and the “hotspot” areas are cured of criminal activity. Click here to read the memo I sent to Superintendent Brown.

Although I am a strong and vocal supporter of the Chicago Police Department and its officers, I am disappointed with the recent attrition of officers and the direction of current policing strategies, such as eliminating foot pursuits. A recent edition of Reilly Reports describes my position and plans to urge a top-down reevaluation of public safety policies; click here to read that edition of Reilly Reports.

Furthermore, although I don’t have the authority to direct CPD, I am committed to leveraging all available City resources to enhance public safety. I have allocated significant portions of my Aldermanic Menu to fund the installation of Police Observation Cameras and License Plate Readers, which assist CPD detectives in catching criminals. Additionally, I use my legislative powers to provide CPD with more tools to address crime and safety issues.

My hope is that Mayor Lightfoot and Superintendent Brown will increase police patrols in the Downtown neighborhoods, and assign permanent officers to the hospitality corridors. Please stay tuned to Reilly Reports for future updates.


Brendan Reilly
President Pro Tempore
Alderman, 42nd Ward