30 Additional Officers Assigned to 1st, 12th and 18th Police Districts

Mayor Emanuel and Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced 97 new probationary police officers have been sent to neighborhood police districts on July 22nd for their first assignment, including 30 officers who have been deployed to the 1st, 12th, and 18th Districts – police districts with boundaries within the 42nd Ward.

Since the start of 2017, more than 1,800 new recruits have entered the Police Academy to train to become police officers. This year alone, 654 new officers have deployed to their district assignments to support public safety and engage community members in effective problem solving through community policing.

These new officers are being deployed after successfully completing their training at the Academy and initial field training. The new officers benefited from CPD’s enhanced training curriculum which includes scenario based instruction and renewed focus on de-escalation and force mitigation. During the six-month police academy, recruits learn all applicable laws and protocols for being a Chicago Police Officer. In addition to physical training, they receive instruction in procedural justice, critical thinking, scenario-based training in crisis intervention and de-escalation, use of force, and community building.

This was followed by three months of field training, during which officers are paired with Field Training Officers for hands-on guidance during their first in-the-field months.

These new officers have joined as part of CPD’s ongoing “Be the Change” recruitment campaign which reflects the belief that this new generation of police officers will lay the groundwork for a more diverse department and be future leaders who define how police support, protect and work together with Chicago’s communities.

The breakdown of the city-wide deployment is below:District 1 (Central) 10
District 2 (Wentworth)  10
District 6 (Gresham) 10
District 7 (Englewood) 10
District 8 (Chicago Lawn) 10
District 11 (Harrison) 10
District 12 (Near West)  10
District 15 (Austin)  10
District 18 (Near North) 10
District 19 (Town Hall)    7

Alderman Reilly Reports:  7/27/18