Association Committees

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Commerce Committee

The RNRA Commerce Committee is responsible for all aspects of the Association’s relationship with the local business community.  This includes sponsorship programs, economic development, joint advocacy initiatives, promoting the RNRA brand and interfacing with relevant agencies and the River North Business Association.

Development Committee

The RNRA Development Committee is responsible for execution of the association’s real estate development agenda – the goal of which is to support and advocate responsible, far-sighted development that considers its present and future impact on all stakeholders.  Activities include design review and evaluation, promoting the neighborhood-wide green space and outdoor environment agenda and working with government agencies on oversight activities and development-related public communication.

Executive Committee

The RNRA Executive Committee is comprised of the association’s officers and selected committee chairpersons. The committee exercises the power of the Board of Directors between regular meetings of the Board and when timing is critical. It also assists the Board with oversight, special projects and strategic planning.

Membership Committee

The RNRA Membership Committee is responsible for member engagement, recruitment and retention initiatives. The committee coordinates communication with HOA leaders and property managers and assists them with association resources and advocacy as needed.

Park Committee

The RNRA Park Committee works with the Chicago Park District on capital improvements, programming and promotion of park-related initiatives, including the RNRA’s popular summer outdoor film festival.

Pet Owners’ Committee

The RNRA Pet Owners’ Committee is responsible for advocating and supporting responsible pet ownership, oversight of the River North Dog Friendly Areas for on and off-leash recreation and socialization, disseminating information about pet issues and initiatives, interfacing with local pet support agencies and coordinating fundraising and social activities for pets and their owners.  The Pet Owners’ Committee evolved from the former River North Dog Owners’ Association.

Public Safety Committee

The RNRA Public Safety Committee is responsible for the advancing the neighborhood’s public safety agenda, promoting resident involvement in the 18th Police District’s CAPS and Court Advocacy Programs and working with local hospitality and entertainment businesses to reduce negative community impacts.

Taste of River North Committee

The RNRA Taste of River North Committee works with our professional event managers to plan, promote and execute the Association’s annual neighborhood festival (and largest fundraising event), the Taste of River North, which attracts around 20,000 attendees in July each year.

Parents & Families Committee

The RNRA Parents & Families Committee works with local parents to plan, promote and execute kid-centric programs and events, including the annual Spring Egg Toss, Back-to-School Event and Halloween Festival.